demo repository

Joke web client to record phrases and a count for each phrase that refers to the number of times it has been said. It’s a react application that uses a CouchDB REST API backend.



Set of C utilities that mimick the standard OS core utilities for the Gluster distributed file system using its native C API. Implemented in a busybox-like shell such that all included utilities are part of a single binary, but can be invoked separately by creating a symlink with the utility name to the binary.


site repository

Application built for RIT students to find and review companies that offer coops (cooperative education) for students. It was started directly as a result of a lack of high quality information about coops on existing sites such as Glassdoor.


Codename for the application used to manage the internal employee scholarship at Wegmans Food Markets. Built as part of the RIT SE senior project program, the system was developed from the ground up to refine both the technical and business aspects of managing the scholarhsip.


freedom's frontier

commentary on all things libre (among other things)